The investigation continues into the multi-vehicle crash on I90 near Hardin that killed six people. 

It is rare to get caught in a sand storm that makes it almost impossible to see.

The Montana Highway Patrol wants to remind drivers if you should be caught driving in any weather or extreme weather event, and experience limited visibility, reduce your speed and try to get off of the highway safely.

MHP offers the following tips for driving in a dust storm or low-visibility weather event:

  • Check traffic around your vehicle and begin to slow down.
  • When beginning to experience low visibility, pull off the road as soon as possible.
  • Look for an area where you can safely pull off the paved portion of the road completely. Avoid stopping in the travel or emergency lanes. Exit the highway if able.
  • Turn off all vehicle lights and emergency flashers.
  • Set your emergency brake and take your foot off the brake.
  • Stay in your vehicle and make sure everyone is wearing your seatbelts.
  • High-profile vehicle drivers should have a heightened awareness of changing weather conditions and reduce speed when necessary.

Importantly, when you’re pulling off of the highway make sure to pull off the paved portion of the highway completely to avoid increased risk of a collision. We’ll update this story as information becomes available.