Dillon Pitman works very hard at getting his sheep “Lambo,” ready for the big show during one of Montana Fair’s toughest competitions , the Open Market Lamb Jackpot Show.

We caught up with Pitman and his lamb as they both prepared for the Sheep Show. “He loves to show. And, I love him so much,” said Pitman about his beloved Lambo a nickname for Lamborghini. Pitman was eagerly grooming his lamb minutes before show with a few last minute hair combs and shine oil spray to get Lambo looking his best for the judges.

Sheep-show judges often look for proper stance in the animal as it walks around the arena and the control the lamb owner has over the animal. The judges kept telling the lamb showers, “Sportsmanship starts at home. Practice, practice and practice.”

Many times, the young people in the ring with their lambs follow in the footsteps of one of their parents or family members. The energy, discipline and long training hours take support from those around these amazing kids and their show lambs.