“The fentanyl crisis is one of the biggest issues facing Montana, and bad actors are using social media to grow their operations.

I joined forces with my colleagues across the aisle on a bill that’ll target cartels’ online recruitment efforts to help combat the flow of fentanyl,” said Sen. Jon Tester.

Montana Sen. Jon Tester

Montana families are being torn apart by the crime and tragedy that the fentanyl crisis has inflicted on our communities,” Sen. Daines said.

Senator Steve Daines highlights the tragic death of Reilly Schrapps to help parents and children beware of the dangers of illegal fentanyl.

“As fentanyl continues to devastate Montana communities, I am highlighting the story of Tom Schrapps of Butte and his son, Reilly.
Reilly Schrapps passed away in July 2022, after taking a pill that was laced with a deadly dose of fentanyl,” said Sen. Daines.

Since then, Tom and Reilly’s mom, Shauna, have worked to bring awareness to the fentanyl crisis in Montana and have thanked Daines for his work to put an end to this epidemic.

Montanan Reilly Schrapps died from a counterfeit pill laced with deadly fentanyl.