One of Montana’s great economic strengths and state history is Agriculture. The history of 4-H began more than 100 years ago, it Is now the nation’s largest youth development organization. It helps young people, and their families gain the skills to grow their communities and develop innovative ideas to move the economy with innovation.

There are 31 4-H/FFA events this year alone. A few include Beef Showmanship, Breeding Beef Show, Dairy Cattle Showmanship, Junior Livestock Awards, Breeding Sheep Classification and Horse Show.

The 4-H motto and model is the belief in the power of young people to strengthen and improve the world around us. “All young people’s potential is important, and 4-H creates a safe, diverse, empowering, hard-working mindset in young people,” said Former 4-H Board Member Jordan Stilson. “4-H teaches life skills to help in all aspects of life. It is more important now than ever because post-Covid takes authentic determination and fortitude,” said Stilson.

The big days for 4-H/FFA this week are Thursday, Friday, and Saturday and all the action is happening in either the SuperBarn Indoor or Outdoor and the Expo Center.

It’s always a spirit lift and an encouragement in our future seeing these young people put in all their hard work and pride to show at the Fair. Don’t miss them!