It’s a beautiful winter afternoon in Billings, and the geese are enjoying flying over their domain.

Geese prefer large landscapes and often congregate along the Yellowstone River and travel miles to feed each day.

Geese love these large, open grain fields in the heart of Billings.

Flocks of hundreds circle and fly at higher altitudes than ducks. They love the plowed fields and highly sought-after cracked corn and grain for high calories and nutrition.

It makes this warmer, winter day perfect for the birds of a feather who flock together for a delicious meal.

They mainly feed on the grass in their natural environment, but they will take a corn field any day to eat the whole wheat grains and cracked corn.

Geese are recognized for their large V-shaped flocks as they migrate south in the fall and north in the Spring.

They have an incredible sound when they fly together; they enjoy the flora and fauna of Montana and its phenomenal grey skies of blue.

Not convinced even Van Gogh himself could have created a more beautiful day in the hay field than this one.