When a soccer player makes a spectacular goal with a corner kick, it’s called Olimpico! The improvements to MSUB Yellowjacket Field are much the same – amazing, exciting and impressive.

The Yellowjacket Athletic Association and Montana State University Billings City College Construction Trades program came together in 2021 and put together a facilities improvement plan for Yellowjacket Field as part of the City College Construction Trades program curriculum.

The multi-phase project improves the structures at the facility, which houses the Yellowjacket men’s and women’s soccer teams.

A strong athletic field and program goes hand-in-hand with the level of educational quality. Even if a student isn’t on an athletic team, school spirt and a sense of team and belonging are deeply ingrained in the university psyche. It”teaches” healthy self-esteem, a collective mindset with a goal and physical health.

Improvements have been made to the press box, ticket booth, and equipment storage areas. These improvements are significant and have ensured the success of future athletics including the environment for athletic training, gameday operations, and media relations staff.

“This partnership has allowed improvements to our current facilities and helps ensure a longer viability of the field for outside use, said the Senior Development Director.

The Yellowjacket Athletic Association is grateful for all those who contributed to this project, notably US Bank.