For all ages rodeo is a very unique and competitive athletic event and life sport.

It is one of the only competitive activities that the entire family can compete in together, and that children under age 18 can compete in the same event, in the same arena which makes it one of America’s enduring and favorite sports.

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But for NILE organizers and sponsors, it’s all about making sure the next generation has the stamina and energy, and love for all things rodeo and a western drive and lifestyle.

“The NILE’s mission is to preserve and embrace the western way of life. This can’t be done unless today’s youth have an appreciation and understanding of the western way of life. The NILE is proud to offer a multitude of youth events, such as the 4th Grade Agricultural Education program, the NILE Merit Heifer program, the NILE Colt Classic, and the Radiant Rodeo,” according to the NILE.

The NILE captures the authentic lifestyle of the most disciplined and top riders and producers in a variety of western equine disciplines.

“ From multiple barrel races to the AQHA Ranching Heritage Challenge, Versatility Ranch Horse Competition, NILE Ranch Rodeo, and NILE Gold Buckle Select Horse Sale, there’s plenty to keep today’s horsemen and women busy.”