Good morning, or is it good night? Is it day or night? The dark or light side of the moon? Hello, or is it goodbye? I am cold, or am I hot?

Welcome to National Opposites Day!

The aim of the day is to have fun all day long saying exactly the opposite of what you really mean. Kids rejoice and adults like to play along and break out of the winter blues. Maybe we should have dinner for breakfast and breakfast for dinner or read about the North and South Poles!

Try expressing opposite emotions from happy to sad, excited, and disappointed. 

This is the day to try using a contranym.

It’s a word that has multiple meanings that contradict each other or are opposites. For example, the word “left” can mean a person or thing that remains. “There are three people left in the office.” It can also mean a person or thing that no longer remains. “Everyone else left the office for the day.”

In romance, is it true opposites attract? Yes? No? Maybe? Happy Opposites Day.