“I always believe there’s a reason why you go through everything,” said Billings Outlaws Team owner Steve Titus.

Billings Outlaws and Gillette Mustangs owner Steve Titus wants a championship win.

Titus is an unrelenting optimist. For every challenge that happened he swiftly and decisively made changes for improvements. He stands on the sidelines watching the games live and becomes one with every player, coach and fan. It’s remarkable. A born leader, inspiration and excellent role model of personal and professional success. And, he’s actually the most down-to-earth, humble and intelligent man you’ll ever meet which makes him a great owner and friend to the players.

He’s a remarkable man and an exceptional leader and owner.
There are too many amazing moments to list all of them in just one article, but if you’ve never seen Dylan Donahue or Jeff Luc execute a defensive takedown you haven’t seen or enjoyed arena football at it’s best.

D’Nerious Antoine, Victor Martinelli and Jamario Benson made breathtaking plays and led the team to victory.

The Outlaws are playing a playoff game for the first time in 14 years at the MetraPark.
Excellence, excitement and a hard fought string of victories won the Billings outlaws a playoff game.

The 2022-23 season has had all the elements to it that we love in sports- from the tragedy to the triumph- it doesn’t get any better than the ups and downs and amazing dedication and determination that has made this season so incredible.