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The Outlaws took a tough loss against the Gillette Mustangs Saturday in Gillette.

The final was 23-79 Mustangs.

Jeff Luc was signed by the Outlaws this week but couldn’t make the game Saturday because he and his wife had a new baby. But, Luc will be joining the Outlaws and he and Dylan Donahue have been close friends and teammates for years.

Billings Outlaws against Gillette Mustangs in Gillette

Both played together on last years Outlaws team and Donahue recruited Luc to come back for the 2023 season too.

Donahue and Luc will bring a strong working team spirit and experience to the Outlaws and hopefully it can help prevent a loss like the one they had against the Mustangs. The team can’t have too many more of those if they want a chance at a winning season.

Back up QB Jamario Benson saw some play against the Mustangs team.

The next game is against the Salina Liberty in Salina Kansas on April 8.