“Play hard, play fast and play smart.” Billings Outlaws Head Coach Kerry Locklin said the team is getting ready for their showdown against the Topeka Tropics on March 20.

The Outlaws came back strong in the second half of their opener against the Omaha Beef on Friday and they are ready to show what they’re made of against the Tropics.

Outlaws QB Vincent Espinoza throws a spiral.

The Outlaws will be running their best game against the Tropics and it will be a good match-up for fans.
Jo-El Shaw made a spectacular catch from QB Espinoza in the Friday game against the Beef.

Jo-El Shaw connects for an Outlaws TD.

Look for more great action from him.

Stunning new Billings Outlaws helmets for the 2023 season – perfect depiction of the power and passion of the team.

The Outlaws new owner, Steve Titus, has picked the top players, management and brought together a very professional and impressive organization.

Steve Titus, new owner of the Billings Outlaws, is committed to building the best team for Billings fans.

Titus is an attorney in Wyoming and owns the Gillette Mustangs also. “He’s a true professional and a great, down-to-earth owner,” said Head Coach Kerry Locklin. “He’s highly respected.”

“The fans are everything and we intend to be a part of the community for a long time,” said Titus.

Outlaws Owner Steve Titus and Head Coach Kerry Locklin

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