The temps are forecasted to a possible 30 below on Thursday and Greg Upham, Billings School District Superintendent, says he will make a decision by Wednesday if classes will be cancelled.

Meanwhile, Roundup Public Schools have decided to cancel classes on both Wednesday and Thursday because of extremely cold temperatures and the windchill factor.

In temps near 30 below, hypothermia can develop in as little as five minutes and if you’re not dressed properly and have exposed skin, especially the scalp, hands, fingers, and face hypothermia can set in in about ten minutes and is very dangerous.

According to the CDC, there isn’t a specific temperature cap for “extreme cold” but if the temps become life-threatening it is advised to stay inside.

As soon as you walk out into temps below zero, you can feel a stinging in your lungs and that’s because the air is coming into contact with the moisture surface of your lungs where oxygen is being exchanged for carbon dioxide and it can be painful.

Keep a scarf, gloves and warm and wind proof coat on at all times if you have to be out in these extremely cold temperatures.