Both men are passionate about their perspective businesses with a highly skilled and informed view of both media and politics. They instantly had rapport and got down to talking about what is important for them and the people of Montana. “The community’s success is, in turn, my success. We’re working together to ensure a strong economy and the growth of Billings,” said Eaton.

“We’re going to do whatever it takes to help the people of Billings, and it’s great when we can steer the ship together,” said Rep. Rosendale. “In Washington, I shoot straight with my message and I see the boat may be ready to go over the falls. We need to redirect the course NOW,” said Rosendale.

“The importance of local journalism and an informed citizenry to our democracy has never been clearer,” according to Nexstar. The company grew from one small TV station to now having 199 stations in 116 markets, addressing 68% of the U.S. TV households.

They both shared their visionary plans and desire to put the people of Billings, and Montana, first.