“If I could treat negative “self-talk” I could successfully treat many people. It’s our inner dialogue that is the disease,” said Dr. Eric Arzubi, MD. He’s one of the country’s top adolescent Psychiatrists who is living and working in Billings at the practice he founded, Frontier Psychiatry.

Now that we’re past Thanksgiving and the Christmas rush is here, be good to yourself with kind words and forgiveness. There’s no “perfect” and a smile is so much more effective than stress.

The news story I’m bringing you usually starts out with, “Montana has third highest suicide rate in the country.”

Let’s all take Dr. Arzubi’s brilliant and excellent medical advice and forget the negative self-talk and refuse to go to the dark side this holiday!  A great present to yourself, and well deserved, is letting go of beating yourself up.

“Be kind to yourself” may read like Hallmark card advice, but in fact, it’s the language of hope up against one of the most insidious  killers; suicide.