No. 1 Secret- MODERATION!

Whatever goal or change you make it’s much easier to accomplish taking one day at time: sometimes one minute or hour at a time.

Multiple research studies show it takes time for the brain to create new pathways. If you’re going to make a positive change permanent, take it easy and allow a step-by-step routine for success.


If you’re going to stop any habit, it takes time and behavior adjustment. Be good to yourself and don’t let those old negative, self-defeating voices creep into your mind and spirit.

No. 3 Be Specific

Setting a goal with achievable results!

Tell your mind what the goal is and be specific.

This focused approach will make you feel successful instead of defeated if you don’t immediately keep the resolution. Keep repeating your goal to yourself by writing it down and/or saying it out loud.

No. 4 Pick meaningful change!

Pick a change you truly want to make. 

Achievable goals must resonate with you personally. The familiar every year goals are weight loss, eat healthier, exercise more and others.

You can think outside the box for your specific goals! Make a new one that makes you want to achieve it!

The most important New Year Resolution should always begin with throwing out extreme thinking. “I’m either a failure or a success” can sabotage any effort.

The reality is change happens slowly and can be enjoyable if you embrace it and refuse to let in defeat thinking!

Happy New Year 2023!