Mother Nature is bringing us another round of possible severe thunderstorms, especially southeast of Billings. Wind gusts of up to 60 mph and as high as 70 mph are possible. Some small hail may be part of this storm and could be as large as 1 inch in diameter.

These are considered dangerous wind gusts by the National Weather Service. Please be careful!

Staying Safe

Below is a listing of ways you can reduce the inconvenience or damage done by strong winds:

  • If strong winds are forecast, ensure that all lightweight or loose objects on your property (grills, patio furniture, trash cans, small toys, etc.) are secured or brought indoors.
  • Strong winds make driving high profile vehicles very difficult and sudden wind gusts can cause one to lose control of these vehicles. Pay extra attention to the road if you must drive a high profile vehicle and be prepared for sudden changes in the wind. Try not to drive on roads that are perpendicular to the wind direction (ex. N-S roads with a W-E wind).
  • Remove dead or rotting trees on your property long before a high wind event. Weak trees can fall over in even a moderately strong wind and possibly damage structures and take out power lines.