Billings is under a Winter Storm Warning for the next three days. The NWS is warning of not only icy and snow covered roads and highways but BITTER LOW temperatures that can be dangerous for people and animals.

“This storm is bringing a major outbreak of Arctic air” to the West. Overall, 26 states including Montana are expected to see significant snowfall.

“The combination of heavy snow and gusty winds will likely result in widespread hazardous travel and cause impacts to infrastructure,” the NWS said. “Record lows and dangerous wind chills are possible.”

Winter storm will be on again, off again; snow makes for slushy streets but they turn to ice Monday night. Drivers should give a car length in front of them.

Snow increases over the area today, with periods of snow continuing through Wednesday night. Along with the snow, much COLDER temperatures will arrive for Wednesday and Thursday, according to the NWS Billings.

NWS issuing a Winter Storm Warning for Billings.

A few must have items are a windshield snow cover if you park outside, jumper cables or a spare battery, a battery powered heating blanket, water, dry food and a flashlight and road flares.

You can get frostbite and hypothermia in the extremely low temperatures so keep a hooded face mask with you to keep your face and head protected.

Billings during snowy morning commute Feb., 2023.

Most people have a warm coat and gloves ready to go but forget to buy a face hoodie to protect their head.