In recent months in Billings, there have been acts of violence using iexplosives and arson.

In my experience working with law enforcement experts on the different mental make-up of different types of criminals, the “fire bug” is considered more specific than most according to the FBI.

It makes the crimes that have rocked Billings lately “feel” more mysteriously threatening and brings a new sense of anxiety and worry.

The crimes have included homemade foil ball street explosives that make a huge and frightening pop when drivers unknowingly drive over them and two unrelated vehicle fires.

Although these crimes take on a different and more heinous intent level, Billings’ has also met the violence with a stronger social media net to catch criminals.

In my experience, as a communication expert, it takes a lot of people who are willing to get information out tto an entire community who are willing to make that happen and in real-time.

The Billingfs Public School system is getting out informational emails faster than I have ever seen in any tv market I’ve worked in across the country. They keep parents, students and staff up-to-date within minutes of an incident.

The Billings Police Department just went to their Facebook Page to get information out to the masses and not only it is more informative, its reaching an entirely different group of people in addition to those who keep up on breaking police activity.