If you thought the heavens had opened up and dropped down a city of lights, you would be somewhat correct!

Our sun was throwing out some super charged material and put on quite a light show early Friday morning with the Northern Lights.

Photo Courtesy: Jake McIntyre
Photo Courtesy: Jake McIntyre taken outside of Columbus, MT
Phot Courtesy: Jake McIntyre outside of Park City, MT
Photo courtesy: Jake McIntyre taken outside of Columbus, MT

The Northern Lights were glowing so spectacularly that it literally lit up the entire night sky west of Billings Thursday night.

The Northern Lights are the aurora borealis. The intense aurora has been triggered by one (or more) of what is known as an outburst of charged material from the sun.

It’s a bit scientifically complicated, but for every day understanding, the material can spark geomagnetic storms when they strike Earth’s atmosphere and the northern lights were seen as far south as Colorado and New Mexico.