There have been three car crashes in the past few days in Billings.

Thankfully, none of them have been fatal accidents but the BPD and Billings Fire are reminding people to watch their speed and avoid distracted driving.

There was a two-vehicle crash on 24th and Monad Road Tuesday night and 24th saw a heavy emergency response to help the public be safe around the crash site.

A three-car crash happened on 24th and Central Avenue on Saturday in one of the busy intersections.

The great news is no one has been seriously injured but emergency responders are asking everyone to slow down and and watch out for other drivers. Drive defensively and avoid using your cell phone if you’re tempted to do so while driving.

There was a single car crash on Billings West End Sunday when a woman lost control of her vehicle and crashed into a power pole near 62nd and Rimrock Road and was taken to a local hospital after being helped by good samaritans Mike and Erica Fisher who helped her until the ambulance arrived.