If you buy the bigger boxes of candy including Skittles and Whoppers, be extremely careful and look for any small rainbow colored pills in the box.

The federal drug patrol agents reportedly seized 12,000 fentanyl pills inside candy boxes in a major drug bust at the LA airport on Wednesday. Evil has taken on a new and even more devious disguise in an effort to kill people including children now.

These candy boxes including Skittles and Whoppers boxes, according to the DEA, are packed with small and deadly fentanyl pills in multiple rainbow colors. AG Knudsen has been warning Montanans for months about these highly dangerous and potentially lethal rainbow fentanyl counterfeit drugs.

The recent drug bust stopped some of the distribution but please keep your eyes open for anything suspicious in a candy box and report it to law enforcement immediately.

This is an attempt by the drug traffickers to kill children.