You may or may not think about voter participation, or apathy, as a hard news. Whether or not voters participate in their constitutional right to vote is one of THE hottest news categories and content is gathered year-round. Politics is very important coverage, but most importantly voter participation is critical.

Congrats Montana voters in the general election of 2022!

The Montana Secretary of State, Christie Jacobsen, did an excellent job of posting accurate numbers from polling places and mail-in ballots. It’s not an easy job and can be very controversial for some candidates and campaigns. But this year’s elections went off smoothly. There was a delay in some of the returns because of a paper shortage in a few of the polling machines but Jacobsen did the right thing and waited patiently until all the votes could be accurately counted.

This year in Montana, the biggest winner by far, is the hundreds of thousands of registered voters who turned out to cast their vote.

Hopefully, this is a trend that will continue too.