Billings Outlaws Hometown football star always keeps a positive outlook on life. He knows it’s never about the play you just ran but the next one in life.

Billings Outlaws Dylan Donahue is now coaching and helping manage the Outlaws.

Donahue tore his ACL and will have knee surgery in two weeks. When I interviewed him shortly after he got the news Friday evening from his doctor, all he could think about was how much he loves his fans and teammates.

“I’m going to stay on with the Outlaws to coach and help out in management. I can’t thank my fans enough for being so loyal and cheering me on this season. I’m still going to be part of the team but in a different role,” said Donahue.

We’re thrilled to continue the Billings Outlaws Insider with Dylan Donahue for his indoor football analysis and expertise.

Donahue has been a driving force in creating a brand new team of winners and top notch athletes who perform well.