Thin Mints, Tagalongs, Caramel deLites, Samoas and Do-si-dos are just a few of the most popular Girl Scout cookies throughout the years.

As Girl Scouts begin their yearly rollout next month in Montana and Wyoming, it’s time to look at the most popular flavors in the West.

Can you guess which cookie flavor is most popular in Montana? TAGALONGS!!

According to the Girl Scout website, there is an entire list of the most favorite flavors, state-by-state.

Wyoming loves Do-si-dos, South Dakota Tagalongs, North Dakota picks Caramel deLites as their No. 1 Girl Scout cookie choice.

Pick your fav and get ready to buy these delicious morsels!

Girl Scouts of Montana and Wyoming (GSMW) kicks off its 2023 Cookie Program on Friday, February 3.

GSMW is excited to have ten varieties to offer including Thin Mints, Caramel deLites, Peanut Butter Patties, Peanut Butter Sandwiches, Trefoils, Adventurefuls.

 New this year, Lemonades, Toast-Yay!, and gluten and allergen free Caramel Chocolate Chip.

 Also beginning February 10, the new Raspberry Rally is online only for direct ship.

Girl Scout Cookies in Montana and Wyoming will sell for $5 per package except for the gluten and allergen free Caramel Chocolate Chip, which will sell for $6 per package and has been the same price since 2013.

Girl Scout Cookies will be available several ways over the coming weeks and months across Montana and Wyoming:

  • Girl Scouts will take pre-orders February 3 – February 19 with delivery in late March
  • Order online from a Girl Scout you know or through until April 16
  • Cookies can be purchased at Cookie Booths March 24 – April 16
French toast-inspired treat called Toast-Yay (Girl Scouts)

Every Girl Scout Cookie purchase helps local Girl Scouts’ adventures throughout the year: exploring what interests them, discovering their passions, and taking action on issues they care about.

Whether they’re using their STEM skills to solve a problem, changing a law to help their community, having a courageous outdoor experience, or starting an innovative nonprofit, Girl Scouts create a better future for themselves and the world so check them out online at

PS. The author’s fav is THIN MINTS!!!!! Frozen. Have fun and don’t forget to help out our local and regional Girl Scouts this year!