32-year-old Thomas John Slevira is accused of shooting and killing 45-year-old Carlos Delao of Billings in the 1200 block of Avenue F in Billings on January 8th.

Billings Police Crimes Unit taped off the alley where Delao’s body was found.

He shot and killed Delao, left his body in an alley and then stole his Chevy Tahoe.

Slevira then drove it at high speed down 12th, crashing into multiple parked cars after crossing over Grand Avenue.

He then invaded a home on Burlington Avenue while a children’s birthday party was being held and shot a man in the chest. He survived.

Officers report in court documents that syringes and rifles were found in the Tahoe Slevira carjacked.

Police were called to a local hospital the following Tuesday night because Slevira assaulted a probation officer and tried to escape from the hospital were he was being treated for wounds he got in the car crash.

32-year-old Thomas John Slevira Jr. of Billings is not currently eligible for bond because he is a DOC inmate. In the event that status changes, the prosecuting attorney requested a 1 million dollar bond that was granted.

On January 13th, prosecutors told the judge Slevira has a 40-page criminal history in which he’s been convicted of three prior violent felonies and was on conditional release for the two most recent prior violent felonies when he committed these offenses.

The prosecuting attorney told the judge, “He is an extreme risk and an extreme danger. He tried to escape from the hospital and assaulted a probation officer who was guarding him in addition to the crimes for which he’s been charged.”

He told the judge, numerous additional counts will come when the investigative file is complete.

Slevira is accused of multiple heinous crimes including deliberate homicide, attempted deliberate homicide, carjacking and a home invasion of which ended with a shooting at a children’s birthday party. He could be sentenced to life in prison.