UPDATE January 15, 2023, 4:00 pm – The accident scene has been cleared and the road is open and safe to drive following the three-car collision.

Billings Fire and Police are re-directing traffic into single lanes at 24th and Central Avenue early Sunday afternoon after a three-car accident.

Fortunately, there are no serious injuries but the accident spread car parts and debris over much of the city block between Central Avenue and St. John’s.

The three cars collided and one of them drove away from the scene after the crash on 24th Street and came to a stop further down the road.

Billings Fire tells Billings Beat the multi-vehicle crash is under investigation and more info will be released once the reports have been taken and the area is safe for all traffic.

Please try and avoid the area during the early afternoon. There are a lot of emergency vehicles on scene and clean up will take at least a few hours.

we’ll keep you updated.