There’s no hike quite like a majestic Montana hike!

Whether you want to get lost in the forest, scale a mountain, have a picnic by a waterfall, or take in sweeping canyon views, you’ll find it in the Treasure State.

And, while many of our hiking trails are well known to the public, we still have plenty of hidden gems like this one!

Magical Drinking Horse Mountain Trail is spectacular.
Drinking Horse Mountain Trail is worth the drive to explore some incredible hiking.

If you’re willing to take a drive out of Billings, head to Gallatin County and give Drinking Horse Mountain a try the next time you’re in the mood to explore.

This sweeping loop trail will provide you with some seriously stunning views.

Incredible views at Drinking Horse Mountain Trail

And, there really is something extra special about this trail. It has the combination of Montana’s epic views and a beauty that’s rare even in the most spectacular mountains of Montana.

If you’re putting together your day hike list for the spring and summer of 2023, be sure to add this one; You won’t be sorry.