Montana has the third highest job quit rate in America with 3.6% of people leaving the jobs each month.

Alaska comes in at first with the workforce quitting their jobs on an average 4.33%, while Georgia is in second place with 3.85%.

New York has the lowest quit rate with 2.68%

Across the country, the national quit rate each month is 2.68%, representing more than four million people leaving their jobs every month.

Montana’s third place quit rate means an average of 18,000 people quitting, 13,750 people in Alaska and 186,000 people in Georgia quit their jobs every month.

Mississippi is in fourth with 3.58% of the working population quitting each month, ahead of Arizona in fifth (3.48%).

Washington DC ranks just above New York with a quit rate of 2%, while New Jersey and Connecticut are tied just above it on 2.08%.

On the national scale, an average of 4,082,000 Americans quit their job every month, but the latest figures show that year-on-year resignations are down which is a good economic indicator.

In October 2021, 4,132,000 quit their jobs, compared to 4,026,000 quitting in October 2022. That is more than 100,000 people fewer, and a fall from 2.8% to 2.6% of the population which has helped keep the country optimistic.

The study, conducted by Creditos En USA,  analyzed data from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics on the quit rates in each state from July to October 2022.