Pabu the Red Panda picks the Eagles for the 2023 Super Bowl coming up on Sunday.

It was no contest at all! This year’s pick between Kansas City and Philadelphia went to the Eagles quickly with Pabu picking the teams bamboo stalk sprinkled with yummy fruit snacks!

Pabu proudly took over Super Bowl winner picking after Sid, the Wolverine, had to hang it up.

Pabu, the famous and beloved red panda went straight for the Eagles!

How can you blame him, the delicious bamboo stalks, sprinkled with fruit treats, was an easy call.

Duli, ZooMontana’s other Red Panda, had no part of this Super Bowl winner frenzy nonsense, he decided to keep it low key by sleeping soundly next door.

The big game, Super Bowl LVII, begins at 4:30pm. Both teams are 16-3.