Located in Billings, Montana, you will find an authentic menu of Louisiana favorites! Owned and operated by actual Cajuns, this food truck turned restaurant is training its customers to say “Ça c’est bon” one bowl of Gumbo and one Shrimp Po Boy at a time! Come on down and find out for yourself what all the ruckus is all about!

You all have probably heard of or even ordered a bowl of Gumbo at a great steak house or soup specialty restaurant, but was it really just “good soup”? Here at Cajun Phatty’s, we strive to represent our Cajun culture with authenticity and stick to the family owned recipes our founders grew up on. Gumbo is more than a hot broth and rice (its all about the roux y’all). And we apply that thinking to all of our menu items and the ingredients they require to be the best and most authentic. We are proud to use the finest ingredients that we can get our hands on. Many of our ingredients are shipped up from Louisiana and we use locally sourced products as often as possible. We cook from scratch and can accommodate most requests. Being in Montana means that sometimes we have to call home for the best ingredients!

Every year we make many families happy by sharing our gift of food with you. Let’s face it, part of the fun of having holiday parties is spending time in the kitchen with loved ones. Part of the stress is spending days in the kitchen preparing for these events. Let us take most of the work out for you but not all of the fun. Our prepared dishes are ready for your oven. We hand craft unique meals that will be talked about for a long time. Check out our offerings https://squareup.com/store/cajun-phattys

Catering and Events are opportunities for us to work more closely with our customers, and create custom menus with a large variety of culinary expertise! Yes, we’ve got our standard go to Cajun recipes, but we love to take it up a notch! Contact us directly to inquire about our catering services and options – Call 406-281-2820 to request a quote today!

Cajun Phatty's

2564 King Ave W suite f
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