YAM to feature New York artist Jill Krutick

Billings Arts

Jill Krutick: Metamorphosis

Jill Krutick; Aurora Borealis; 2017; Acrylic on canvas; 72 x 108 inches

[Billings Montana, November 7, 2019 – January 5, 2020] Jill Krutick’s paintings trace the artist’s joyful path of self-discovery and creative exploration. Using only texture, line, and color, the artist suggests the intense beauty and constant flux of nature: galaxies, skies, blossoms, and tides. Influenced by modern and contemporary masters such as Van Gogh, Monet, and Gerhardt Richter, Krutick combines abstract expressionist gestures, impressionist luminosity, and personal symbols of change and transcendence. “Balance remains my main goal,” she says. “I strive to capture basic natural elements – earth, water, sun, and sky — contrasting light and dark in order to capture movement through a variety of textures.” Krutick paints as if her life depends on it.

The celebrated art critic, poet, and curator Donald Kuspit recently invited Krutick to participate in his New York exhibition, Feminine Sublime. He writes, “It is as though what psychoanalysts call the primary creativity of the mind and the primary creativity of nature are indistinguishable currents in her art.”

Krutick’s paintings shimmer with translucent layers, suggesting the complexity and dynamic sublimity of nature. Her Trout paintings isolate the colorful patterning along the side of a trout, where the camouflage of rock and sky merge. Her ocean-inspired canvases might suggest a horizon line, or dive into the deep blue. The Aurora Borealis paintings depict infinite distances of swirling color, splattered across canvases large enough to envelop the viewer. These and her light-saturated skies represent both the beauty and terror of the sublime. Krutick says, “I include the Sun in most of my abstract work as I’m captivated by the intimate relationship between light and dark.”

Krutick begins a new composition by swirling texture onto canvas and layering paint over the dimensional foundation. Her paintings shimmer with translucent layers, suggesting the complexity and dynamic sublimity of nature. Krutick says she finds pictorial balance through contrast and the “precise placement of color and texture,” which she uses “to create depth or flutter on the surface.”  The element of chance, she says, “stimulates my creativity and enhances my connection to a tactile interpretation of the forces around me.” Her colors and rhythmic forms transcend the logical, binary world of accountants and analysts, connecting to a world of dreams, emotions, and infinite creation.

As a young painter and pianist, later as a media executive and board member, the arts always played a central role in Krutick’s life. In 2011, she began studying at the Art Students League, abandoning her career as a successful Wall Street analyst to pursue her passion for painting. She now works full time at her studio in Westchester, New York. She has had numerous solo exhibitions, most recently at the Coral Springs Museum of Art, Florida. Her work is in more than 100 public and private collections. She has served on boards including the Art Students League, the Recording Academy (NY Chapter), Hoff-Barthelson Music School, the Wharton Arts Network and National Amusements.

This exhibition is curated with assistance from Bruce Helander, and will be on view in the YAM’s Northwest Projects and Charles M. Bair Family Galleries. Title Sponsor: Diane Boyer Jerhoff, Lead Sponsor: Charles M. Bair Family Trust, Supporting Sponsors: Gareld & Barbara Krieg. Opening reception 6-8 p.m. November 7, 2019. Gallery talks with the artist and guest curator Bruce Helander are scheduled for November 7 at 6:00 p.m. and November 8 at 10 a.m.

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