Montana Food Bank Asks Hunters For Help!

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Montana Food Bank Network Asks Hunters for Help

The Montana Food Bank Network (MFBN) is asking the hunting community for help filling their freezer with meat this winter, due to the growing demand for emergency food. 

“Each year, we get several phone calls from hunters wanting to donate meat,” said Brent Weisgram, Chief Operations Officer at MFBN. “We have the space and we have the ability to store and transport large quantities of food across the state. This partnership provides a way for hunters to get their donated meat onto the plate of hungry Montanans.”

With archery season already underway and general hunting season just around the corner, the Montana Food Bank Network is happy to partner with local hunters to help fill the freezer with meat. 

Due to food security and safety guidelines, all meat donated must be processed at a state inspected facility. The link below lists some of the meat processing facilities across the state which are either state, USDA, or custom exempt meat processing facilities:

If a local processor is not listed, donors will need to verify that the processor holds a wild game processing certificate from the State of Montana or, unfortunately, the Montana Food Bank Network will not be able to accept the donation.

MFBN asks that donors inform their processors that they wish to donate their game to the Montana Food Bank Network, at the time the donor’s game is brought in. To lower processing costs, the donor can ask that the meat be ground into either one or two pound chubs or packages.  

Processors can contact Brent Weisgram at MFBN to advise him that the donation is ready for pickup. MFBN will make arrangements for pickup.

For more information, please visit or call (406) 721-3825 x244. 

The Montana Food Bank Network, located at 5625 Expressway, secures and distributes donated and low cost food and grocery products annually to nearly 200 hunger relief agencies throughout Montana. The Network works to meet the immediate need for food while advocating at the local, state, and national level for policy changes to help eliminate hunger and food insecurity in Montana.  The Montana Food Bank Network is a member of Feeding America.  For more information about the Montana Food Bank Network please visit (406) 721-3825 ext. 244

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