Motivated by the goal of “Turning Billings into the regional destination for TEDx speakers … making Billings a place where ideas can be shared,” TEDxBillings Executive Director/Licensee D’Vaughn Hayes and other members of his team are bringing in a new round of inspirational and knowledgeable presenters to the Magic City for the TEDxBillings main event on October 7th, 2023 at the Babcock Theater. The 16 speakers, selected by D’Vaughn and the executive team from roughly 50 nationwide applicants, were newly introduced to an invited crowd this past Friday at the Depot launch event in downtown Billings where they, and TEDxBillings as an organization, were acknowledged and encouraged by those in attendance including Billings’ mayor, Bill Cole, who addressed everyone present.

The theme for TEDxBillings 2023 is “Moving Mountains.” The executive team arrived at this theme organically upon reviewing all applications, noting stark similarities, and selecting the 16 that will represent the sample. For a complete list and accompanying biographies of the 2023 presenters, visit the official TEDxBillings website. Unlike many other speaker-focused events, TEDxBillings, particularly this year’s lineup, is to be more engaging and entertaining in nature for those in the audience.

To build and sustain anticipation for the event on October 7th, 2023, TEDxBillings will host “salon” events; small, local gatherings that are open to the public and intend to increase awareness for TEDxBillings. This year, there will be two salon events: one in the spring and one in the summer. Each of them will feature one speaker and one entertainer. The headliners for the 2023 salon events are also presenters for the main event at the Babcock Theater. They are Robert Doore and Steve Arveschoug. Locations are TBD.

Billings’ involvement in and nurture of culture, community, creativity, and collaboration is growing and sources of this growth, such as TEDxBillings, remain essential to maintain the benefits apparent in this fostered ideal. We welcome the 16 presenters warmly, and commend all organizers, sponsors, and other participants in 2023 and for years to come.