MET Transit responds to Covid-19 with fare-free bus service until April 30, 2020


In response to the significant economic and social issues resulting from the COVID-19
health crisis, the City of Billings MET Transit system will be offering fare-free bus service
through April 30, 2020. The City of Billings realizes transit is an essential service to the
community, especially for members who may have limited transportation options and
access to services. The City also realizes a number of members in the community have
experienced significant impacts to their financial wellbeing. Operating fare-free service
will not only provide a financial relief to passengers, but will also support MET Transit’s
efforts to operate in accordance with social distancing recommendations. This is
accomplished by removing the requirement for passengers and transit operators to
exchange fare media and payment, as well as requiring passengers to move within the
bus to deposit fares. MET will continue the current procedure of loading passengers
through the rear door on compatible vehicles.

MET Transit intends to continue providing access to essential services including
healthcare, groceries, pharmacies, and to those in the community still needing to travel
to their workplace. However, MET does ask all passengers to travel only for essential
trips as this will assist all riders in maintaining adequate social distancing. If you have
questions regarding fares or services, please contact the MET at 406-657-8218.

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