The sun is out, the birds are chirping, and you don’t have to warm your car up in the morning. Spring is here in Montana! The means hiking, warmer evenings, and of course: Spring Cleaning. While you may remember to sweep and sort your clothes while cleaning, some important tasks are easy to overlook.

We’ve put together a list of the spring-cleaning tasks that are easy to forget but will make a big difference in getting your home ready for spring.


Your baseboards aren’t something you look at too often. But over time they can build up layers of dirt and grime. says to start cleaning your baseboards using a vacuum with brush attachment.  After you’ll want to wipe them with a damp microfiber cloth and general cleaner.

Sliding Door Tracks

Outside debris and even small bugs can get trapped in your sliding door tracks. According to Better Homes and Gardens, you should start scrubbing the tracks with an old dry toothbrush. After you’ll need to use a vacuum hose to remove debris followed with a wipe down with a wet sponge.

Vacuuming Your Fridge Coils

Regular fridge maintenance, according to, includes vacuuming your fridge coils. Fridge coils pump heat out of a fridge, so keeping them clean helps keep food cold. Double check that you unplugged your fridge beforehand. There are vacuum coils behind and underneath the fridge, so be sure to look at both spots.

Cleaning Air Filters Throughout Your Home recommends changing your furnace air filter two times to four times a year based on your usage. With how often folks need to run their furnace in Montana, four times a year is a safe bet. They also recommend checking filters for the following: whole-house water systems, water dispensers, vacuum cleaners, whole-house air filters, and air conditioners. Some of these need to replaced completely or can be cleaned and put back. Make sure to check the included documentation or the manufacturer’s website for details.

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