June 1st
The Gentlemen DVD
Leeza Bailey
Shayne Merry
Roger Bara

May 26
Mystery DVD/T-shirt
Lori L Bailey

May 18
Mystery DVD/T-shirt
Sheila Dunkleman

April 27th
Mystery DVD/T-shirt
Vickie Gierke

April 20th
Mystery DVD/T-shirt
Alice Buckalew

April 17th
Call of the Wild – Digital Download
Elanna Skorupa
Erika Besel
Jessica Atkinson
Brenda Ratzlaff
Larry Edwards

April 13th
Mystery DVD/T-shirt
Jenna Spadt

April 6th
Mystery DVD/T-shirt
Dona Rivers

March 23rd
Seinfeld Swag Bag Giveaway
Lori L Bailey
Jessica Atkinson
Michelle Hoferer
Daphne Keller
Melanie Reaves

March 17th
Hidden Life
Jessica Atkinson
Daphne Keller
Lori L Bailey

March 16th
Jackie Atkinson
Barbara Sullivan
Heather Larkin

March 9th
King of Queens Prize Pack
Janet Bentz
Khriss McBride
Darren Mattern

March 6th
Paws & Claws/Key K-9 Pet photo contest
Tori Reinlasoder

March 5th
Seinfeld Series
Karen Brannon
Gena Pluid

March 2nd
Beatles Vs Stones
Eleanor Gradwohl
Lori L Bailey

February 21st
Couples Retreat
Jessica Langford
Karissa Betzer

February 12th
Ford v Ferrari DVD
Reese Stephan
Char Kenney
Kathy Johnson

February 5th
Addams Family DVD
Perry L Lowenstein
Daphne Keller
Jackie Atkinson

February 5th
Disney Movie Sweepstakes
James Reisdorff

February 3rd
CASTLE Sweepstakes
Jacqueline Loendorf

February 2nd
Pro Football Challenge
Craig Johnson

January 31st
Outmatched Quiz
Julie Ley
Tammy Pitcher
Kristi Nagy
Susan Wallace
Craig Johnson

January 6th
Sesame Street Live Sweepstakes
Mari Crannell
Franklin Farwell
Alyssa Johnson

January 3rd
Masked Singer Sweepstakes
Roxanne Kuntz
Sean Kavanaugh
Jeremy Azure
Jenny Denny

January 2nd, 2020
Empire Chess Set Giveaway
Sheila Dunkleman

December 30th
Hustlers DVD Giveaway
Natasha Geiss
Rachelle Miller
Cheryl Sandbak
David Wr

December 23rd
Billings Box #2
Char Clark

December 23rd
Mel Robbins “5-Second Rule” Book Giveaway #2
Tracy Big Medicine
Cherry Crawford
Amanda Anderson
Gail Supola
Anna Dailey

December 20th
Home for the Holidays
National Winner: Brenna Madrid (Minot, ND)
Local Winner: Tiara Newman

December 20th
Birthday Bounty – December
Paul Dunn

December 13th
Billings Box #1
Desiree Kroll

December 2nd
Mel Robbins “5-Second Rule” Book Giveaway
Randy Dye
Kim Miller
Rick Dunn
Clint Bump
Toni EnemyHunter

November 29
Kenny G Tickets
Danelle Lessard
Kelly Reinhardt
Kylee Sidwell

November 25th
Breakfast with Santa
Amanda Hodges

November 25th, 2019
Polar Express
Randy Krieger
Gailen Hadley

November 20th, 2019
Birthday Bounty November
Tracey Miller

November 18th
Charlie Brown Contest
Grand Prize:
Nancy O”Donnell
Ticket Winners:
Ruth Walter
Jessica Vanberg
Laura Ricker

November 7th, 2019
Lion King DVDs
Diana Evans
Brenda Rodriguez
Bonnie Frank
Stewart Penn

November 7th, 2019
Mel Robbins National Contest
Local Winner: Janet Bentz
National Winner: Mr. Marion Simpson

November 4th, 2019
FOX Prime Time – 9-1-1/The Resident
Geri Rudio
Alice Buckalew
Jim Huggins

October 31st, 2019
Almost Family Pamper Pack
Mary Fanfant
Christy Brown
Deb Diede

October 28th, 2019
Animation Domination Sweepstakes
Kim Miller
Candina Craft
Sean Kavanaugh

October 20th, 2019
Birthday Bounty October
Thomas Cameron

October 14th, 2019
NILE Rodeo tickets
Francis Hungerford
Libby Critelli

October 11th, 2019
The Maize at Grandpa’s Farm Tickets
Kim Miller
Rosemary McCollum

October 7th, 2019
25 Words or Less Prize Pack
Sarah Van Cleave

September 27th, 2019
ABC Fall Sweepstakes
Daphne Keller
Mansy Murnion
Kristi Nagy

September 20th, 2019
Birthday Bounty September
Teresa Hill

September 3rd, 2019
Cool Kids Bowling Package
Terence Brake

August 26th, 2019
August Birthday Bounty
Amy Long

August 19th, 2019
The Orville Prize Pack
Amy Collins

August 12th, 2019
MT Fair Rodeo Tickets
Kimberly Ibarra

August 12th, 2019
MT Fair Supercross Tickets
Gena Lustig

September 11th
The Other Mozart Tickets
Mari Crannell
Christy Brown

August 9th, 2019
Heather Opheim
Hillary Schneckloth
Jessica Atkinson
James Reisdorff

August 8th, 2019
MT Fair General Admission Tickets
Mandy Murnion
Robin Maxwell

August 8th, 2019
MT Fair Old Dominion Tickets
Toni Elliot

August 8th, 2019
MT Fair 98 Degrees Tickets
Wanda Gunderman

August 8th, 2019
MT Fair Triple Threat Tickets
Yvonne Woodard

August 7th, 2019
Take Me Out to the Ballgame Sweepstakes
Dick Bratton

July 24th, 2019
Take Me Out to the Ballgame Sweepstakes
Bill Almer

July 22nd, 2019
July Birthday Bounty
Cierra McKibben

July 8th, 2019
Paradise Sweepstakes
Stacey Fosjord

June 28th, 2019
Masterchef Giveaway
Jeremy Azure

June 24th, 2019
Backyard Makeover Prize Package
Cheryl Hill

June 20th, 2019
June Birthday Bounty
Margo Haak

June 13th, 2019
Father’s Day Grillaway
Wendy Shuman

June 10th, 2019
How to Train Your Dragon 3 DVDs
Jeremy Azure
Kim Barthlama
Carol Raschkow
Kim Miller

June 7th, 2019
Cool Kids Sweepstakes
Gena Pluid

May 20th, 2019
May Birthday Bounty
Dale Kingman

May 20th, 2019
The Kid Who Would Be King -DVDs
Stefani Galvan
Steve Cordeiro
Jenna Spadt
Jan Byrd

May 8th, 2019
Glass DVDs
Chris Field
James Reisdorff
Khriss McBride

May 7th – Nov 19th,2019
Auto Racing Challenge
Dover 5.7 – Barbara Love
Kansas 5.11 – No Qualifiers
Coca-Cola 600 5.26 – No Qualifiers
Geico 500 4.28 – No Qualifiers
Pocono 400 6.2 – No Qualifiers
Firekeepers Casino 400 6.10 – No Qualifiers
Toyota Save Mart 350 6.23 – No Qualifiers
Camping World 400 6.30 – Nathan Kenaston
Coke Zero Sugar 400 7.6 – Barbara Love
Quaker State 400 7.13 – Jackie Atkinson
Foxwoods Resort 7.21 – Rosemary Tyszka
Gander RV 400 7.28 – Rosemary Tyszka
Go Bowling a the Glen 8.4 – Nathan Kenaston
Consumers Energy 400 8.11 – Natasha Geiss
Bass Pro Shops NRA 8.17 – Heather Loveridge
Bojangles Southern 500 9.1 – Crystal Green
Big Machine Vodka 400 9.8 – Rosemary Tyszka
South Point 400 9.15 – Nathan Kenaston
Federated Auto Parts 400 9.21 – Jackie Atkinson
Bac Royal 400 9.29 – Grystal Green
Dover 10.6 – Natasha Geiss
1000 Bulbs.com 10.13 – Mick Mueller
Hollywood Casino 400 10.20 – Jackie Atkinson
First Data 500 10.27 – Grystal Green
AAA Texas 500 11.3 – Nathan Kenaston
ISM 500k – Mick Mueller
Ford Eco boost 400 11.17 – Barbara Love
Overall Winner – Jackie Atkinson

May 6th, 2019
FOX – The Passage Prize Pack
Bryan Blair
Pamela Frantz
Barbara Love

May 3rd, 2019
Harry Potter Tickets
Bruce Love

May 1, 2019
Last Man Standing Prize Package
Elanna Skirupa

April 29th, 2019
2nd Act DVD
Jeremy Azure
Jessica Atkinson
Alison Lyles

April 22, 2019
FOX Grab Bag
Elanna Skirupa
Heather Opheim
Lindsey Townsend

April 22, 2019
April Birthday Bounty
Shelby Vandehey

April 8th, 2019
FOX Cool Kids Party Pack
Mari Crannell
Char Kenney
Heather Larkin

April 1, 2019
Glen Miller Tickets
Lonnie Chatwood
Amy Petty

March 30, 2019
March Birthday Bounty
Shania Peigneux

March 26th – April 9th
Basketball Madness
Round 1 – Mick Kennedy
Round 2 – Elizabeth Whittemore
Round 3 – Rob Zundel
Round 4 – Zac Barnhart
Round 5 – Jeremy Holst
Round 6 – Dennis Fichtner
16 Winner – Krysta Green
Overall – Dennis Fichtner

March 25th, 2019
Sound of Music Tickets
Sharon Johnson

March 18, 2019
The Green Book DVDs
Jenny Denny
Kim Geiss
Daphne Keller

March 4, 2019
Mamma Mia Tickets
Brenda Ratzlaf
Sheila Davis
Craig Johnson

Feb 25, 2019
The Gifted Swag
Christy Brown
Jackie Atkinson
Sheila Dunkleman

Feb 25, 2019
ABT – Murphy’s Celtic Legacy
Jim Huggins

Feb 14, 2019
ABT – Hot Club Tickets
Sheila Christophers

Feb 11, 2019
Skyscraper DVD
Daphne Keller
Jenny Denny
James Reisdorff

Feb 8, 2019
Barry Season 1 DVDs
Jessica Atkinson
Geri Rudio

Jan 2, 2019
ProFootball – Overall
Holly Reed

Jan 1, 2019
ProFootball Wk 17
Jimmy Krieger

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