Air purifiers, Air cleaners & Filters ? Part 1


Air purifiers, Air cleaners & Filters ? Part 1

The right type of air cleaner really works but the wrong type can harm your lungs! There are many types of consumer air filtration equipment available. Some units use a combination of types.

    * Source removal ? True HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Arrestance) where the air is virtually strained through a very fine filter to remove nearly everything but gasses.
    * Charcoal filters are often used as pre-filters to protect HEPA filters. The Carbon absorbs and traps gasses very well, but lose their efficiency (fill up) within a few weeks.
    * Ionizers ? Tall, thin and very quiet, ionic air purifiers work by charging the air with static electricity causing smaller particles to clump together. These clumps now have sufficient charge and mass to either stick to walls and surfaces or drop to the floor. Oh yes, a small amount of soil is also attracted to the charge plate in the air cleaner which you can wipe off. Ion generators also emit small amounts of ozone.
    * Ozonators ? Ozone gas is useful in combating smoke odors and organic putrefaction but is very unhealthy to breath. Ozone air purifiers are not very effective at actually ?cleaning? the air and are irritating to the respiratory system and mucous membranes.
    * UV (Ultra Violet) light bulbs are another feature. They are designed to kill airborne germs. The problem is, most of the air does not get exposed long enough to the killing rays as the air rushes by.

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