Looking at your backyard, have you ever thought what it would look like if there was a pond, fountain, waterfall, or stream running through it? Water features are timeless additions to homes that can transform the layout of an outdoor area.

However, water supplies aren’t standard features with most properties. There’s a lot the average homeowner may not know about them. That’s why this article will be going over things you should know before adding a water feature to your home.

Most water features don’t need to be connected to a water source, but will likely need a power supply.
According to Housebeautiful.com, most water features have a self-contained water supply. These won’t need to be hooked up to your water system. Instead they’ll just need to be filled up occasionally.

However, water features that use a pump or lighting fixtures will need to be connected to your houses power in order to function.

Water features need to be cleaned and maintained.
Regular maintenance and cleaning are required for most water features according to Housebeautiful.com. If you’re getting one installed, be sure to know what tasks are required and how often you’ll need to do it. A good contractor will make sure you know about everything you need to maintain your feature after install.

Water features can be an excellent source of calming white noise.
Chuck Wissenbach of CW Designs, says that one of the biggest benefits of the water feature cited by his clients is the white noise provided by the running water. If you live in an area where there’s noise from a nearby freeway or train, the white noise from a water feature can help drown it out. Chuck also stated that the white noise can be a great source of stress relief while relaxing in your backyard.

You need to be aware of zoning and safety concerns if you are installing a pond water feature.
Before having a pond installed, you should double check with your local zoning authority to see if any permits are required. LoveYourLandscape.org states that depending on the size of the pond, it may be under the same zoning restrictions as an in-ground pool. Ponds can also be a hazard to small children and animals, so you’ll want to ensure that it’s a safe choice for your home and family.

Water features can have a positive impact on your mental health.
According to Psychology Today, “Blue Spaces”, or places with natural water layouts, can reduce stress and lower the risk of depression.

Water features can help attract home buyers.
Browndanielgroup.com talks about how water features can increase a properties’ curb appeal. When maintained properly, it can be a striking visual and audio element encouraging home buyers to stay longer and prioritize the property.

Placement of your water feature is very important.
For practical and aesthetic reasons, you’ll want to carefully consider the placement of your water feature. According to angi.com, placing a water feature under trees or other plants can cause headaches later. Leaves and other debris can fall off of plants and clog up your water feature.

In addition, knowing where you want to see (and hear) your water feature makes a big impact on where you place it. If you want to be able to see it from a certain window or hear it while in the kitchen will influence where you place it.

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