A second bison goring incident in three days occurred at Yellowstone National Park Wednesday.

In a news release Thursday, the park said a 71-year-old woman from West Chester, Pennsylvania was gored by a bull bison after unknowingly approaching the animal with her daughter. The two were heading towards their vehicle near the Sand Basin at Yellowstone Lake.

The Pennsylvania woman was taken to the West Park Hospital in Cody, Wyoming in an ambulance. She did not sustain any life-threatening injuries. The park said the investigation is ongoing and there are no further details to add.

This is the third reported bison goring incident of 2022. The first incident happened in late May after a 25-year-old woman approached a bison. The second incident occurred on Monday when a 34-year-old man approached a bison near Giant Geyser. Bison are wild and unpredictable animals. It is important to stay at least 25 yards from them at all times.