Billings has over 30 trails throughout the city and can be a fun way to get some light exercise. AllTrails lists some of the best biking and walking trails in the Magic City. Here are the top five that are considered easy trails:

Swords Park Trail is located on the Rimrocks and shows a beautiful view of Billings. Thanks to the Billings Trailnet, the trail system at Swords Park has significantly expanded and is excellent for walking, biking, roller skating, etc. The trail is a little over three miles long and is a great morning activity before it gets hotter throughout the day.

The Four Dances Overlook Trail is just outside Billings and less than a mile long. This trail takes about 20 minutes to finish, making it great for a short walk with incredible scenery. Four Dances Trail is perfect for a fun, quick walk with friends or family. You also get a spectacular view of the Yellowstone River. The Pictograph Cave State Park Trail is another short hike that is less than a mile and takes about 20 minutes to complete. If you encounter someone on the trail, give them a wave or exchange a friendly hello.

Zimmerman Park West Loop provides more breathtaking views and tons of nature to explore. There is a bike trail that continues to expand with plenty of trails to follow and see a different side of Billings. Another huge thanks goes to Billings TrailNet for the new Skyline trail that connects Zimmerman Park and Swords Park on the Rimrocks. Construction for the trail is expected to finish in 2023. 

There are several trail systems at Phipp’s Park, but one of the easiest is the South Loop trail in the park. The trail is three miles long and takes about an hour to complete. With other trails and areas to explore, The Phipp’s Park Trail is great for biking, running, or just a leisurely walk. 

Here is a list of a few other trails around Billings to try out too: 

  • Alkali Creek Trail 
  • King Avenue E & W Trails 
  • Lake Elmo Trail 
  • Rimrock Road Trail 
  • Shiloh Road Trail 
  • Rehberg Ranch Trail 

There are more than enough trails to explore in Billings; it can be a fun and easy summer activity for everyone!