If you are looking for places to visit during the holidays, odds are you want something cost-friendly and easy to reach. Wallethub ranked some of the top holiday destinations for fans of the cold and for those wanting to go somewhere warm. 

Close to 70 large metropolitan areas were analyzed in the study and used over 30 key metrics to obtain the information. Some of these metrics include flight data, weather predictions, and overall safety. These areas were also grouped into cold and warm categories. The six key dimensions used for the study were travel costs and hassles, attractions, local costs, weather, safety, and activities. Results were graded on a 100-point scale, with 100 being the most ideal.

The top destinations for warm-weather fans are listed below: 

Las Vegas, Henderson, Paradise – Nevada

  • Total Score: 67.18
    • 9th in low travel costs and few hassles 
    • 2nd in attractions 
    • 11th in weather 
    • 1st in most warm weather activities 

Austin, Round Rock, Georgetown – Texas 

  • Total Score: 64.76
    • 2nd in low travel costs and few hassles 
    • 14th in lowest local costs 
    • 10th in Attractions 
    • 6th for weather 
    • 12th for warm-weather activities

San Diego, Chulla Vista, Carlsbad – California 

  • Total Score: 63.60
    • 13th in low travel costs and hassles
    • 4th in attractions 
    • 3rd for nicest weather 
    • 4th for most warm-weather activities
    • 4th in safety

Phoenix, Mesa, Chandler – Arizona 

  • Total Score: 60.61
    • 8th in low travel costs and fewest hassles
    • 16th in attractions 
    • 1st for nicest weather 
    • 15th for most warm-weather activities

Fans of colder weather will love these places to see during the holidays:

New York, Newark, Jersey City – New York, Philadelphia, New Jersey

  • Total Score: 65.58
    • 1st in lowest travel costs and few hasels 
    • 6th in safety 
    • 4th in cold weather activities 
    • 1st in most attractions 

Atlanta, Sandy Springs, Alpharetta, Georgia 

  • Total Score: 64.80
    • 1st for the most cold weather activities 
    • 2nd in weather 
    • 9th for the most attractions 

Washington D.C., Alexandria, Arlington – Virginia 

  • Total Score: 64.11
    • 8th for the most cold weather activities
    • 4th for the most attractions 
    • 10th in  low travel costs and few hassles 

Chicago, Naperville, Elgin – Illinois

  • Total Score: 61.98
    • 2nd in low costs and few hassles 
    • 11th in safety 
    • 2nd for the most attractions and cold weather activities 
    • 23 in weather and local costs 

Any of these destinations are perfect for a winter getaway to any of these metropolitan areas!