Acclaimed pianist Kevin Cole joins the Billings Symphony on September 24 at the Alberta Bair Theater. This performance kicks off their Classic series celebrating American classical music. According to the press release, many have called Kevin Cole “America’s Pianist,” and he will also perform George Gershwin’s song, “Rhapsody in Blue.” This performance will also be the first time Cole has played in Montana. 

The Billings Symphony will perform Cold Mountain Suite by Pulitzer Prize-winning composer Jennifer Higdon from her Cold Mountain Opera. Cold Mountain Suite took 28 months to perfect and was debuted by the Santa Fe Opera seven years ago. The opera won the International Opera Award for best world Premiere. Higdon’s opera is based on the novel Cold Mountain by Charles Frazier, a tragic love story set in the American World War. 

The Cold Mountain Suite performance from the Billings Symphony will be the debut performance in Montana. In an interview with the Billings Symphony, Higdon said she wants others to sit back and enjoy her music during the show. “I hope it makes them feel something, but I don’t ever want anyone to feel that they must be knowledgeable about classical music to enjoy mine. If you find yourself patting your foot, wanting to cry, or humming a bit after the concert, then I’ve done my job.”

The Billings Symphony will also perform music from “Porgy & Bless” and “On the Town” by Leonard Bernstein to celebrate American songbook music. The performance starts at 7 pm at the Alberta Bair Theater this Saturday. Click here to learn more or purchase tickets.