Some may feel pressure to vote for the general election on November 8, but some may not be registered. Fortunately, filling out a registration application is quite simple. 

The Montana Secretary of State website has all the resources for the upcoming general election. To register to vote, fill out a voter registration application and drop it off at your county elections office. You can also complete a registration form at your county election office from 8 am to 5 pm, Monday through Friday. Late registration closes at noon the day before an election. Be sure to get your application in by noon on November 7. Voter registration can also be done at the DMV if needing to apply for or renew an I.D. card.

Identification options include a Military I.D. card, U.S. Passport, or a Tribal photo I.D. card. Other approved identification options are a valid Montana I.D. card, driver’s license, or social security card using the last four digits. Once registered, you will get a confirmation card from the county elections office containing the precinct and polling place based on the voter’s residence.

If you are on the voter registration list and wish to be removed, it is simply to reactivate. Call or write to your county election office or appear at the polling place where you had registered to confirm your current voter registration information. You can also update information by filling out a new registration form. 

Students attending college in a different county can either register in the county they are going to or vote in the county where they have permanent residence by an absentee ballot or by going to the polls. Out-of-state college students attending school in Montana can either vote in their original state or vote in the county they are attending school in by becoming a Montana resident if they have been in the state for more than 30 days. 

An absentee ballot is available for those who cannot make it to a voting station on election day. Fill out an absentee ballot application, drop it off at your county elections office or have it mailed to the office. As of September 21, the Office of Montana Secretary of State reports that 105,084 Yellowstone County residents are registered to vote, which is currently the largest amount of registered voters for all Montana counties. 

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