Are you looking for a place to celebrate New Year’s? Cities across the nation are preparing for New Year’s celebration. A study from WalletHub ranks the best cities to ring in the new year.

The research was gathered by comparing 100 of the most populated cities in the United States using three dimensions: Costs, safety and affordability, and food and entertainment. Metrics were graded on a 100-point scale, representing cities’ most to least favorable conditions. The weighted average across each metric calculated an overall score for each city. 

Here is a rundown of the top 10 cities for New Year’s Eve. Number one is New York City, NY, with a total score of 70. New York City has been the most coveted location for a New Year’s Eve Celebration. Thousands gather in Time Square to watch the ball drop, signifying the new year. Countless people also tune in from their TVs to participate virtually in the festivities. The Big Apple also has plenty of shopping, restaurants, and sightseeing. New York is ranked number one in entertainment and food, 98 in highest costs, and 6 in safety and accessibility. 

Orlando, Florida, is number two, with a total score of 70 as well. This city is a great destination for those wanting to escape the cold and enjoy warm, sunny weather. Orlando was ranked number five in food and entertainment, 65 in highest costs, and 22 in overall safety.  Las Vegas, Nevada, was ranked number 3 with another score of 70. This city is number 3 for food and entertainment, 70 for the highest costs, and 22 for accessibility and safety. At number four is San Francisco, California, with a 67 total score. The Golden City was ranked number four in food and entertainment, 93 in costs, and 22 in safety and accessibility. 

Atlanta, Georgia, came in at number five with an overall score of 66. This city is number two in food and entertainment, 76 in costs, and 97 in safety and accessibility. Denver, Colorado, is at number 6 with a 65.87 overall score. This city is number 12 in entertainment and food, 54 in costs, and 72 in safety and accessibility. Washington, D.C. came in at number seven with a 65.76 overall score, followed by Chicago, Illinois, Los Angeles, California, and Seattle, Washington. 

The study also showed the average price for a New Year’s Eve Party Ticket. The lowest party ticket costs are Durham and Raleigh, North Carolina; Memphis, Tennessee, Norfolk, Virginia; and Sacramento, California. The highest cost of tickets are in San Antonio, Texas, Cleveland, Ohio, New York, New York, Miami, Florida, and New Orleans, Louisiana.

Whether you are celebrating New Year’s Eve at home or in a different city, make sure to have plenty of fun as we await 2023!