Billings received recognition for its continued embrace and dedication to informed citizenship, commitment, and service to others in the community. Jim W. Martin, former Stars & Stripes president, and National Outreach Chair, presented the 2022 National Certificate of Recognition to Billings Mayor Bill Cole in the city hall lobby on Tuesday evening. 

The city of Billings is recognized as a recipient of the 2022 Stars & Stripes National Recognition Campaign. “Many of us know that Montana is consistently ranked in the top two or three states for the highest number per capita of veterans and active duty military of any states,” Cole said.  

“Just as importantly, we still take pride in where we live—performing the duties of citizenship. What motivates all those behaviors is not just the community but its our neighbors. It’s caring for other people and putting other people ahead of ourselves. I hope we’ll never lose that.”

Jim Martin also came up to say a few words, commemorating the values of veterans and the community of Billings. He also discussed what the Stars and Stripes library does to preserve informed citizenship, commitment, and service across the United States. It was truly a celebration of Billings’ success as a city to create a stronger community partnership.

The National Stars and Stripes Campaign National Museum, Library, and Learning Center are located in Bloomfield, Missouri. The center is also home to the famous Stars and Stripes Military Newspaper, running for over 100 years. Their national campaign creates events featuring local leaders to increase awareness of the obligations to others and to the community.