Ignacio Barron Viela, Executive Director for the Billings Symphony, is leaving the position to pursue another career opportunity. The Billings Symphony press release said Barron Viela accepted a position as the new president and CEO of the Reno Philharmonic.

During his time at the Billings Symphony, Barron Viela expanded programs and diversity in the organization. He brought foreign musicians to the Magic City by collaborating with Montana Senators and Spanish Consultants. He also helped acquire a downtown building for the symphony that was donated as a gift by the Sukin Family. Barron Viela oversaw fundraising and renovation efforts for the building.

Thanks to his leadership in grant and foundation support, he doubled the net asset for the organization to over 5 million dollars and an operating budget of more than 1 million dollars. 

“He created partnerships with national and local associations for grants and donations, cultivated donors with record-setting donations, and doubled our net worth and endowment, leaving our organization in excellent shape for continuing our success,” said Leslie Blair, the President of the Billings Symphony.

Scott Brown, Vice President of the Board, said Barron Viela worked with Billings Symphony staff and Harrigan to create other programs for patrons to enjoy. One program is the Billings Youth Orchestra, helping to broaden audiences and promote opportunities for young artists in the city. “It’s been a pleasure working with him and getting to know him, not just as a nonprofit community leader, but as a friend,” Brown said.

During the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, when many restrictions were implemented for the arts in containing the virus, Barron Viela worked alongside Billings Symphony Music Director Anne Harrigan to access live streaming concerts. The two also worked to launch two new music programs: the Sukin Series and the Family Series. Ignacio said he is proud of his accomplishments with Harrigan, staff, and musicians. 

“I am going to miss everyone, but I am confident that the Billings Symphony has a great future ahead,” Barron Viela said. “There is a lot of vibrancy and excitement in the 72nd season and the continuation of our growth. 

The Billings Symphony has new positions available for the fiscal year of 2022-2023, including personnel and Youth Orchestra Manager and executive or administrative assistants. The Board of Directors for Billings Symphony will advertise for the John W & Carol L.H. Green Executive Director position.

Additional information can be found on the website for Billings Symphony.