The Billings Police Department sent out the 2021 annual report last Thursday detailing crime rates over the past year. Chief St. John spoke on Friday to describe the full report to the public and media outlets.

The annual report detailed violent crime statistics as well as the number of arrests. The report also went over the numbers of DUIs, traffic and accident numbers.

The top three highest aggravated assault offenses in 2021 were assault with a weapon, criminal endangerment, partner or family member assault in strangulation and assault on a minor. Violent crime rates also increased in the last ten years with over 800 offenses compared to 2012 at roughly 250 offenses. Sexual assault offenses have also increased in the last ten years, the highest offense being sexual intercourse without consent.

Family related offenses were down last year and the lowest they have been since 2017. The highest number of family offenses is endangering the welfare of children at 83%. The highest family member offenses were in 2020 and the lowest in both 2015 and 2017.

Motor vehicle thefts were the highest they have been in the last ten years. The highest theft offenses were shoplifting at 20% followed by theft of belongings in cars at 19% and motor vehicle theft at 18%. However, 98% of reported vehicles stolen last year were retrieved by police officers.

Burglaries were also down last year, the highest burglary offenses were in residential areas at 60% followed by non residences at 37%. Calls for service were also down last year with over 89,000 calls compared to 2020 at more than 96,000 calls.