There are over 35 parks located in the Billings area, according to a Billings Parks and Recreation tally. A full list of these parks, as well as a brief description of them and their available features, can be found here. For this article, however, there is one specific park feature not consistent of Magic City parks and is of relative scarcity but remains a vested interest and even the very purpose for visiting for some park goers and activity seekers that will be highlighted. This particularly elusive park feature is the availability of basketball courts and hoops.

Outdoor basketball is a recreational activity that has numerous interested players of all ages and skill levels as well as a lot of difficulty with securing and retaining any consistent or active gameplay. Reasons for this difficulty can include a general lack of awareness about the park or its court(s), the location of the park itself and, consequently, the division of interested players because of this proximity, the physical conditions of the courts and, though to a lesser degree, amenities such as lighting for after dark gameplay.

If an indoor gym isn’t your preference or open to you, if the sun or rain and the views and sounds of nature or the satisfying sound of the chain nets with a made jump shot are what you are after, look for the following parks to host your next competitive game of basketball or solo shootaround. And if you know of an outdoor basketball court in another Billings area park not listed here, please let us know!

Evergreen Park, Avenue D & 14th Street West

North Park, 6th Avenue North & North 19th Street

Rose Park, 21st Street West & Avenue C

South Park, 6th Avenue South & South 30th Street

Terry Park, 5th Street West & Terry Avenue