Cowboy Ted helps kids find their happy place by hosting programs dedicated to suicide prevention, anti-bullying, and healthy living. The programs help kids and families to return to normalcy after the stressful changes from COVID-19.

The media release says “Cowboy Ted” Hallisey has been hosting children’s programs for over twenty years. “I want to show kids that they are going to be okay and give them ideas of how to increase resiliency, reduce stress and create an overall healthy lifestyle for themselves,” Hallisey said.

Cowboy Ted’s eight steps to health and happiness help promote good physical, mental and emotional health for children. The eight steps symbolize the 8-second ride in professional rodeo shows. The first step is to respect parents helping, helping them build citizenship skills. The second is to lead a healthy lifestyle, teaching kids to make healthy choices like regular exercise, eating right, and addressing mental health needs. The third is to work hard in school which helps with a child’s self-determination and confidence. 

The fourth step is to be nice to others which aims to reduce bullying and other fears kids may have. The fifth step is to be kind to animals. This step has been proven to reduce domestic violence later in a child’s life. The sixth step is to set goals for yourself which also helps a child’s self-esteem and emotional health. The seventh step is to avoid alcohol, drugs, and tobacco and the final step is to do one nice thing for a person every day. Each of these steps promotes healthy lifestyle choices for children that will follow them into adulthood.  

Cowboy Ted also has eight programs promoting healthy lifestyles as well as anti-bullying and suicide prevention. He has a Master of Education degree in health, recreation, and physical education. Online programs are available as well. Cowboy Ted has encouraged more than 275,000 kids to make healthy lifestyle choices. He has also written twelve children’s books available in Spanish and English.