When compared to other states in the nation, Montana’s current gun laws may need to be refined.

The Giffords Law Center found that in 2020, there was a sharp spike in gun related deaths with about 45,000 individuals killed from guns nationwide.

A spokesperson for Gov. Gianforte gave their stance on the current gun laws in Montana.

“Montanans value our Second Amendment-protected rights, an important part of Montana’s rich heritage…. in the last year, the governor signed into law bills to protect those rights, including one prohibiting the enforcement of any federal gun bans in Montana.”

During the 2021 Montana Legislative session, Gov. Greg Gianforte signed a bill that allowed concealed carry of firearms in public settings like banks, bars and university campuses. Many universities declared this law unconstitutional and fear it could lead to more gun related incidents on campuses. The bill also limited state university systems to restrict possession of firearms on campus.

There are several areas of improvement for gun laws in Montana. With the amount of gun violence currently happening across the county, implementing more regulations for guns may help diminish the number of deaths from gun violence each year.

The first improvement is requiring background checks for all gun sales. Currently, the state does not require permits for rifles, shotguns and handguns.

Another area of improvement is implementing an extreme risk protection order law. This law allows family members and law enforcement officers to petition temporary removal of weapons from a concerned citizen. This also gives community and family members a way to intervene a potentially dangerous situation.

While guns can provide safety for people in certain situations, creating regulations designed to prevent unnecessary deaths from guns is something that should be considered.